Formstone version 1.4.0 brings new features and bug fixes, including a new flex-box grid and 2 new components, Checkpoint and Sticky.

Grid and Flex-Box

Thanks to wide browser adoption, Formstone been overhauled to use flex-box instead of floats. The Grid has been rewritten to take advantage of the new layout options available to developers. We've added new helper classes and mixins while keeping the syntax backwards compatible. You can learn more on the Grid documentation.


The new Checkpoint component facilitates animating elements as they become visible on scroll.

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You can learn more on the Checkpoint documentation.


The new Sticky component allows for simple fixed positioned sticky elements on scroll.

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You can learn more on the Sticky documentation.

Grunt to Gulp

We've switched from Grunt to Gulp for the build system. This should not affect day-to-day use, but will change the workflow for anyone contributing to the project. You'll need to run a fresh npm install after pulling.

Document Ready

Changes introduced to the ready event handler in jQuery 3 can cause a flash of unstyled content in certain browsers before widget plugins have completely initialized. We've added a Formstone.Ready handler to address the issue. You can learn more on the Core documentation.

Bower Deprecation

Bower has been officially deprecated. While installs should continue to work, we've removed explicit support. We now recommend using NPM to manage package deployment.

Browser Support

Since browsers have moved to more frequent feature updates, we've decided drop explicit legacy browser support, including IE8 and IE9. If you need to support older browsers you should continue to use the 1.3.x release.

Version 1.4.0 includes various other feature enhancements and bug fixes. You can view the full details in the changelog, and grab the latest release on GitHub or NPM. Commercial licenses are available at UpLabs.