• Removed deprecated $.type()
  • Fixed in-line regression in Lightbox


  • Fixed issue with using paged and maxWidth options in Carousel
  • Fixed gallery regression in Lightbox


  • Adding option to disable touch controls in Carousel
  • Fixed issue with control accessibility in Carousel (Thanks @nhall!)
  • Fixed issue with iFrame galleries in Lightbox


  • Fixing issue with brackets in Checkbox


  • Fixing issue with autoAdvance in linked Carousel


  • Adding basic inline content gallery support to Lightbox


  • Fixed issue with auto play videos in Background
  • Fixed issue with auto upload queues in Upload


  • Fixed inner content issue in Tabs


  • Added support for custom headers in Upload (Thanks @haagen!)
  • Fixed issue with nested Scrollbars


  • Added YouTube tracking URL parameters in Lightbox (Thanks @mimoduo!)
  • Fixed issue with static item widths in Carousel
  • Fixed issue with item visibility in Carousel
  • Fixed issue with scroll position in Checkbox (Thanks @Bonscho!)
  • Fixed issue with stopPropagation in Checkbox (Thanks @matthisamoto!)


  • Fixed issue with paged option in Carousel


  • Added autoplay attribute to video tags in Background
  • Fixed issue with alignment on -contained and -padded cells in Grid


  • Added mobile auto-play video support in Background
  • Added threshold and time options in Touch
  • Fixed issue with matchWidth: false paging in Carousel
  • Fixed issue with page scrolling in Carousel


  • Fixed issue with nested cell widths in Grid for legacy IE


  • Added parent scroll context support in Checkpoint
  • Fixed issue with Carousel


  • Fixed issue with -first and -last classes in Grid
  • Fixed issue with inactive animations in Checkpoint


  • Added option to select multiple items without pressing 'ctl' key in Dropdown (Thanks @qtsd!)
  • Fixed issue with contained classes in Grid
  • Fixed issue with default behavior in Number


  • Fixed issue with 'autoAdvanced' in Carousel
  • Fixed issue with 'first' and 'last' cells in Grid
  • Fixed issue with image URL detection in Lightbox
  • Renamed 'mobile' to 'overlay' in Lightbox


  • Fixed issue with 'paged' counts in Carousel
  • Fixed issue with cell alignment in Grid


  • Added alt option in Background
  • Added aria labeling options in Carousel, Lightbox, and Pagination
  • Fixed issue with nested rows in Grid
  • Fixed issue with initialization in Checkpoint
  • Fixed issue with label selector in Dropdown
  • Fixed issue with rounding small steps in Number
  • Fixed issue with accessibility in Pagination (Thanks @nhall!)


  • Updated minimum jQuery version
  • Updated to Gulp build process
  • Added flexbox based grid as default (legacy float based grid still available)
  • Added Checkpoint plugin for CSS animations scroll
  • Added Sticky plugin for sticky elements on scroll
  • Added Formstone.Ready handler to Core
  • Added additional AJAX parameters in Upload events
  • Fixed issue with moving input elements in Checkbox
  • Fixed issue with load order and setup calls
  • Renamed mobile option to native in Dropdown for clarity
  • Removed Modernizr requirement
  • Removed legacy browser support


  • Added compiled theme files for each component
  • Fixed issue with un-contained Carousel item focus


  • Fixed issue with Viewer in Lightbox (Thanks @mackensen!)
  • Fixed issue with inline content in Lightbox
  • Fixed issue with focus in Lightbox


  • Added viewport and gesture locking for touch based components
  • Added maxFile option in Upload
  • Renamed maxQueue option to maxConcurrent in Upload for clarity
  • Fixed error handling in Lightbox
  • Fixed issue with Scrollbar jumping in Firefox
  • Fixed issue with Scrollbar handle closing Dropdown
  • Fixed issue with wheel event on Scrollbar track
  • Fixed Viewer styling issue in Lightbox theme
  • Fixed issue when installing via NPM
  • Deprecated YouTube options in Background for TOS compliance


  • Added Viewer component
  • Added file chunking to Upload
  • Added load error event to Background
  • Added jumpItem method to Carousel
  • Aliased jump, previous, and next methods to jumpPage, previousPage, and nextPage in Carousel
  • Fixed protocol agnostic YouTube thumbnail in Background
  • Fixed Navigation styles in fs-light base theme
  • Fixed issue with mobile dropdown options in Pagination


  • Fixed issue with Dropdown options in WebKit/Blink on mobile


  • Added ability to define custom fields for scroll depth events in Analytics
  • Fixed issue with accessing target element from beforeSend callback in Upload
  • Fixed video sizing issue in Lightbox
  • Fixed link actions in Pagination
  • Removed erroneous vertical option in Tabs


  • Added lazy and lazyEdge options to Background
  • Added update method to Number
  • Added update method to Range
  • Added example code to demos
  • Added custom pagination container in Carousel
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Checkbox
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Dropdown
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Lightbox
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Navigation
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Number
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Pagination
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Scrollbar
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Range
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Tabs
  • Fixed accessibility issues in Upload
  • Fixed visible classing in Pagination
  • Fixed disabled hover state in Range
  • Normalized setting active item in Pagination
  • Removed non-standard readonly support from Checkbox


  • Fixed link actions in Pagination
  • Fixed display bug in Upload


  • Added accept option to Upload


  • Fixed issue with iOS change events in Dropdown
  • Fixed webkit touch scrolling in Lightbox
  • Fixed webkit touch scrolling in Navigation (Thanks @nhall!)


  • Added thumbnail option to Lightbox
  • Added maxHeight and maxWidth options for element modals in Lightbox
  • Added linked carousel support to Carousel
  • Added controller carousel support to Carousel
  • Fixed rtl positioning in Carousel
  • Fixed issues with Dropdown option container positioning


  • Fixed issue with empty option values in Dropdown


  • Fixed issue with multiple bindings in Media Query


  • Fixed issue with fragment identifier linking in Tabs


  • Fixed issue with play method in Background


  • Added theme support for all Widget plugins
  • Added fs-light base theme
  • Added AMD module wrappers to all components
  • Added custom video formatters in Lightbox
  • Fixed issue with removing data in Cookie