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Using ASAP






ASAP can progressively enhance a site to request page content via AJAX, reducing overall page load time. The site must be tuned to return a properly formed JSON object containing key-value pairs. Keys should be valid selectors as they will be used to match DOM nodes. The value should contain the new content to render. This allows the developer to only update the parts of the page that change while leaving global elements, such as headers and footers, in place.



$page_title = "Page Title";

if ($_GET["fs-asap"]) {
  define("IS_ASAP", true);

if (!IS_ASAP) {
  // Draw Header
    <div id="page_content">

// Always Draw Content
<h1>Page Title</h1>

if (!IS_ASAP) {
  // Draw footer

$page_content = ob_get_clean();

if (IS_ASAP) {
  echo json_encode(array(
    "title" => $page_title,
    "#page_content" => $page_content,
} else {
  echo $content;



Only updating parts of a page also means static resources, like CSS and JavaScript, are only loaded and executed once. Developers can hook into the ASAP events to ensure the page is rendered and destroyed properly:

$(window).on("requested.asap", function(e) {
  // Before request is made.
}).on("progress.asap", function (e) {
  // As request is loaded. 
}).on("loaded.asap", function (e) {
  // After request is loaded. Tear down any existing plugins.
}).on("loaded.asap", function (e) {
  // After state is rendered. Initialize any new plugins.
}).on("failed.asap", function (e) {
  // After load error.


Set instance options by passing a valid object at initialization, or to the public defaults method.

Name Type Default Description
cache boolean true Flag to cache AJAX responses
ignoreTypes regex   File types to ignore
render function $.noop Custom render function
requestKey string 'fs-asap' GET variable for requests
selector string 'a' Target DOM Selector
transitionOut function $.noop Transition timing callback; should return user defined $.Deferred object, which must eventually resolve


Events are triggered on the window, unless otherwise stated.

Event Description
requested.asap Before request is made; triggered on window; Second parameter 'true' if pop event
progress.asap As request is loaded; triggered on window; Second parameter contains percentage complete
loaded.asap After request is loaded; triggered on window
rendered.asap After state is rendered; triggered on window
failed.asap After load error; triggered on window


Methods are publicly available, unless otherwise stated.


Loads new page

$.asap("load", "");


Name Type Default Description
opts url '' URL to load


Updates current url in history

$.asap("replace", "");


Name Type Default Description
url string '' New URL