Demos are largely unstyled to give developers a better idea of how the plugin can drop into a new or existing project.

<a href="large_1.jpg" class="lightbox" data-lightbox-gallery="gallery_name" title="Image caption text.">
	<img src="thumbnail_1.jpg" alt="">
<a href="large_2.jpg" class="lightbox" data-lightbox-gallery="gallery_name" title="Image caption text.">
	<img src="thumbnail_2.jpg" alt="">
<a href="large_3.jpg" class="lightbox" data-lightbox-gallery="gallery_name" title="Image caption text.">
	<img src="thumbnail_3.jpg" alt="">
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Using Lightbox




viewer.js (optional)


Display images and videos in an overlay:

<a href="one.jpg" title="Image Caption">
  <img src="one_thumb.jpg" alt="">


Link multiple images or videos together with the data-lightbox-gallery attribute:

<a href="one.jpg" title="Image Caption One" data-lightbox-gallery="photo_gallery">
  <img src="one_thumb.jpg" alt="">
<a href="two.jpg" title="Image Caption Two" data-lightbox-gallery="photo_gallery">
  <img src="two_thumb.jpg" alt="">
<a href="three.jpg" title="Image Caption Three" data-lightbox-gallery="photo_gallery">
  <img src="three_thumb.jpg" alt="">


React to the lightbox by listening for the open.lightbox and close.lightbox events on the window:

$(window).on("open.lightbox", function() {
  // ...
}).on("close.lightbox", function() {
  // ...


Set instance options by passing a valid object at initialization, or to the public defaults method. Custom options for a specific instance can also be set by attaching a data-lightbox-options attribute to the target elment. This attribute should contain the properly formatted JSON object representing the custom options.

Name Type Default Description
customClass string '' Class applied to instance
fileTypes regex   Image file types
fixed boolean false Flag for fixed positioning
formatter function $.noop Caption format function
infinite boolean false Flag for infinite galleries
labels.close string 'Close' Close button text
labels.count string 'of' Gallery count separator text string 'Next' Gallery control text
labels.previous string 'Previous' Gallery control text
labels.captionClosed string 'Close Caption' Mobile caption toggle text, closed state
labels.captionOpen string 'View Caption' Mobile caption toggle text, open state
labels.thumbnailsClosed string 'Close Thumbnails' Mobile thumbnails toggle text, closed state
labels.thumbnailsOpen string 'View Thumbnails' Mobile thumbnails toggle text, open state
labels.lightbox string 'Lightbox {guid}' Lightbox aria label; {guid} replaced with instance GUID
margin int 50 Margin used when sizing (single side)
maxHeight int 10000 Maximum height of element modal
maxWidth int 10000 Maximum width of element modal
minHeight int 100 Minimum height of modal
minWidth int 100 Minimum width of modal
overlay boolean false Flag to force 'overlay' rendering
retina boolean false Flag to use 'retina' sizing (halves natural sizes)
requestKey string 'fs-lightbox' GET variable for ajax / iframe requests
theme string "fs-light" Theme class name
thumbnails boolean false Flag to display thumbnail strip
top int 0 Target top position; over-rides centering
videoFormatter     Object of video formatter objects containing a 'pattern' regex and 'format' callback
videoRatio number 0.5625 Video height / width ratio (9 / 16 = 0.5625)
videoWidth int 800 Video max width
viewer boolean false Flag to force 'Viewer' rendering, if available


Events are triggered on the target instance's element, unless otherwise stated.

Event Description
open.lightbox Lightbox opened; Triggered on window
close.lightbox Lightbox closed; Triggered on window
error.lightbox Lightbox error; Triggered on window


Methods are publicly available to all active instances, unless otherwise stated.


Closes active instance.



Extends plugin default settings; effects instances created hereafter.

$.lightbox("defaults", { ... });


Name Type Default Description
options object {} New plugin defaults


Removes plugin instance.



Resizes lightbox.



Name Type Default Description
height int | false   Target height or false to auto size
width int | false   Target width or false to auto size


Class Type Description
.fs-lightbox-element element Target elmement
.fs-lightbox element Base widget class
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-open modifier Indicates open state
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-loading modifier Indicates loading state
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-animating modifier Indicates animating state
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-mobile modifier Indicates mobile display
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-fixed modifier Indicates fixed positioning
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-inline modifier Indicates inline content
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-iframed modifier Indicates iFrame content
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-has_caption modifier Indicates caption is present
.fs-lightbox.fs-lightbox-has_controls modifier Indicates controls are present
.fs-lightbox-overlay element Overlay element
.fs-lightbox-close element Close element
.fs-lightbox-loading_icon element Loading icon element
.fs-lightbox-container element Container element
.fs-lightbox-content element Content element
.fs-lightbox-image element Image element
.fs-lightbox-video element Video element
.fs-lightbox-iframe element iFrame element
.fs-lightbox-tools element Tools element
.fs-lightbox-meta element Meta info element
.fs-lightbox-controls element Controls container element
.fs-lightbox-control element Control element
.fs-lightbox-control.fs-lightbox-control_previous modifier Indicates previous control
.fs-lightbox-control.fs-lightbox-control_next modifier Indicates next control
.fs-lightbox-control.fs-lightbox-control_disabled modifier Indicates disbaled state
.fs-lightbox-position element Position element
.fs-lightbox-position_current element Current position element
.fs-lightbox-position_total element Total position element
.fs-lightbox-caption element Caption element
.fs-lightbox-error element Error message element
.fs-lightbox-thumbnails element  
.fs-lightbox-thumbnail_container element  
.fs-lightbox-thumbnail_item element  
.fs-lightbox-lock modifier Indicates locked state; Applied to body element