Demos are largely unstyled to give developers a better idea of how the plugin can drop into a new or existing project.

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<div class="upload"></div>
  action: "//"
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Using Upload






Upload will create a simple 'drop zone' for file uploads:

  action: "upload.php"
<div class="target"></div>

Note: Older browsers do not support the File API. Developers will need to provide a proper fallback. Support can be checked in the object:

if ( {

Form Data

Form Data can be modified before the request is made. The request can also be aborted based on file attributes:

  beforeSend: onBeforeSend

function onBeforeSend(formData, file) {
  // Cancel request
  if (".jpg") < 0) {
    return false;

  // Modify and return form data
  formdata.append("input_name", "input_value");

  return formData;


Active uploads can be aborted one at a time by passing the file's index, or abort the entire queue by excluding the second parameter:

// Abort single file
$(".target").upload("abort", file.index);

// Abort entire queue


Upload does not store or manipulate uploaded files on the server, it simply facilitates the asynchronous upload process from the front end.


Set instance options by passing a valid object at initialization, or to the public defaults method. Custom options for a specific instance can also be set by attaching a data-upload-options attribute to the target elment. This attribute should contain the properly formatted JSON object representing the custom options.

Name Type Default Description
accept string   Input accept attribute
action string   Where to submit uploads
autoUpload boolean false Beging upload when files are dropped
beforeSend function   Run before request sent, must return modified formdata or false to cancel
chunked boolean false Use chunked uploading, if supported
chunkSize int 100 Size to chunk, in kB
customClass string '' Class applied to instance
dataType string 'html' Data type of AJAX request
headers object   An object of additional header key/value pairs to send along with requests
label string 'Drag and drop files or click to select' Drop target text; false to disable
leave string 'You have uploads pending, are you sure you want to leave this page?' Before leave message
maxConcurrent int 2 Number of files to simultaneously upload
maxFiles int OR boolean false Total number of files that can be uploaded; false to disable
maxSize int 5242880 Max file size allowed
multiple true true Flag to allow mutiple file uploads
postData object   Extra data to post with upload
postKey string 'file' Key to upload file as
theme string "fs-light" Theme class name


Events are triggered on the target instance's element, unless otherwise stated.

Event Description
chunkcomplete File chunk complete
chunkstart File chunk starting
chunkerror File chunk error
complete All uploads are complete
filecomplete Specific upload complete
filedragenter File dragged into target
filedragleave File dragged from target
filedragover File dragged over target
fileerror Specific upload error
fileprogress Specific upload progress
filestart Specific upload starting
fileremove Specific upload removed
start Uploads starting
queued Files are queued for upload


Methods are publicly available to all active instances, unless otherwise stated.


Cancels all active uploads, or specific file.

$(".target").upload("abort", [index]);


Extends plugin default settings; effects instances created hereafter.

$.upload("defaults", { ... });


Name Type Default Description
options object {} New plugin defaults


Removes plugin instance.



Disables target instance.



Enables target instance.



Starts queued uploads; Use when autoUpload is set to false.



Class Type Description
.fs-upload-element element Target elmement
.fs-upload element Base widget class
.fs-upload.fs-upload-dropping modifier Indicates dropping state
.fs-upload.fs-upload-disabled modifier Indicates disabled state
.fs-upload-input element Masked Input
.fs-upload-target element Drop target